Frequently Asked Questions

About ZoBucks

What is ZoBucks?
ZoBucks is Singapore’s leading Cashback & Promo Codes website. We have partnered with 250+ leading online sites like Lazada, Zalora and When you visit any of these sites from ZoBucks, we get paid a commission / fee. We pass most of this fee back to you as a Cashback. You can claim this cashback as Real Money into your Bank Account or redeem via PayPal. Learn how to earn Cashback here
Which retailers can I save on?
You can save on local and international brands like Zalora, Lazada, Redmart, Qoo10, Agoda, and many more. In the Search Bar, just type the name of the retailer you want to shop at or browse through various categories to buy your desired product.
How do I check if my favourite retailers are on ZoBucks?
In the Search Bar, just type the name of the retailer/brand you are looking for. If you can’t find your desired retailer on ZoBucks, please email us at we will get that retailer on board for you.
Do I need to pay to use the ZoBucks site?
Not at all. This is a free cashback service offered by us. You do not have to pay anything for using the website.
How do I contact Customer Support team?
You can contact us by sending a quick message to Our Customer Support team is available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. SST. We guarantee a 48 hour response time, though almost always we will get back on your request sooner than that.

Earning Cashback

How can I earn Cashback via ZoBucks?
Follow the below steps and earn Cashback on all your shopping: 1. Login to your ZoBucks account. 2. Browse ZoBucks & find amazing deals & promo codes on 250+ shopping sites. 3. Click-through to the retailer via our link and shop as you normally do. 4. You will receive an email confirmation within the next 72 hours. Your Cashback will reflect in Pending status. Once the return period of your product is over, retailer pays your Cashback and the status gets updated to Confirmed. 5. Once you have $10 as Confirmed Cashback balance, you can request for your payment and transfer it into your Bank/PayPal account.
Can I use Promo Codes along with Cashback?
Yes, for many of our retailers we have cashback offers and Promo Codes both. Most retailers pay the same cashback rate if you use a promo code along with it. However, some retailers might pay a lower rate and very few might not pay cashback at all if used along with a promo code. These terms are clearly stated on the individual retailer pages on our website so please ensure you check before shopping.
What does Pending Earnings mean?
Pending Earnings are those that we have tracked as valid transactions and have been acknowledged by retailers. However, since they are still within the Return or Cancellation period they cannot be paid out to you yet.
What does Confirmed Earnings mean?
Pending Earnings are those that we have tracked as valid transactions and have been acknowledged by retailers. However, since they are still within the Return or Cancellation period they cannot be paid out to you yet.
Where do I see my Cashback earnings?
Once you’ve logged in, you will see “My Account” on the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and then open 'My Earnings' to see your Cashback Earnings.
How long after my transaction will I get my Cashback?
This varies from retailer to retailer. After you do a transaction you will get an email from us within 4 to 72 hours telling you how much Cashback is due to you. This is called 'Pending' Cashback. Once the return period of your product/s is over/travel is completed, the retailer knows that the sale was genuine, and pays us. The status of your Cashback will automatically change to 'Confirmed'. From the time of your purchase it could take between 60 to 90 days for your Cashback to get confirmed.
Can I visit the retailer directly, and just send you a receipt to get my cashback?
Unfortunately no! To earn Cashback, you MUST visit the retailer via ZoBucks. This way the retailer can track that you went to their site through us, and will pay us a commission. We pass most of this commission to you as Cashback.

General Questions About Cashback

Where does Cashback come from?
When you shop at retailers through ZoBucks, retailers pay us a commission. We pass most of this amount on to you as Cashback.
The retailer link is not working. What can I do?
Firstly, please try opening the retailer link in another browser (or if possible another computer or mobile device). To ensure that the problem you have is not being caused by your own settings, please allow cookies in your browser settings and clear your cookies & cache before shopping via ZoBucks. If none of this works, please contact our Customer Support Team and we can look into this for you. Please provide a clear and concise description of your experience, and include the browser name and version number. If you are getting tracking issue messages, please provide details of your security settings and/or software.
What are some of the Dos and Don’ts to ensure that my Cashback tracks?
- Clear Cookies: We track your transaction based on Cookies. So please enable Cookies on your system
- Log into ZoBucks first: Before and click out to any retailer. Always use one of the orange buttons to click out from ZoBucks to the retailer's site
- Complete transaction in same Session: After clicking from ZoBucks do not visit any other Promo Code or Comparison site else the cookie might get replaced and you will not earn Cashback
- Voucher and gift codes: To get Cashback via ZoBucks please only use voucher codes supplied by ZoBucks. If you use any other voucher codes/coupons etc. we will not be able to pay you any Cashback
- Keep all email confirmations and documents from the retailer - just in case you need to use the information for submitting an earnings enquiry.
What if I cannot find a retailer I am looking for, or if I would like to suggest a new one?
Please feel free to Contact us at and let us know which retailer you are looking for. We will try our best to get them on our site!

Missing Cashback

I made a purchase but have not received any Cashback email for it. What can I do?
If your purchase was done less than 3 days ago, please wait a little longer. It typically takes between 4 - 72 hours for retailers to track sales, so you could still receive your Cashback email automatically. However, if your purchase was done over 3 days ago, please submit a Missing Cashback ticket. After we receive transaction details from you, we can follow this up with the retailer and get your missing cashback. When you log in to ZoBucks, in the top right navigation bar you see 'My Account', click on it. Then click on Missing Cashback. Here you can see the status of all your existing cashback enquiries. Click on the ADD TICKET button to add a new Cashback enquiry. Please follow the simple steps to submit your ticket. To ensure we get your Cashback, please help us with all the information as requested in the Steps. You can follow the progress of your enquiry from this Cashback tickets page itself and even send us a message about the enquiry by clicking on the View button next to each enquiry.
Why do I need to wait 3 days after my transaction before I submit a Cashback query?
It can sometimes take up to 3 days for a retailer to track a transaction. Hence retailers do not accept any missing tickets before the end of this period.
When adding a new cashback enquiry, why do I not see a certain retailer amongst my exit clicks list?
Our sophisticated system tracks every time you click out from our website to any of our partner retailers. If you do not see a retailer in the exit click dropdown then you have not visited the retailer via our website. Perhaps you forgot to sign in when you visited a retailer, in which case again the visit will not show in your exit click list.
What information do I need to submit for a Missing Cashback ticket?
In order to submit a Missing Cashback ticket, you need: retailer name, date, transaction amount, order or transaction reference/ID, and any other details that would help the retailer to track your transaction.
What do the various statuses for my Missing Cashback Ticket mean?
You can track the status of your Cashback query by clicking on the “Missing Cashback” option from your “My Account” page. The status of your Missing Cashback ticket means:- 1. Received: This means we have received your query and have passed on the information to the retailer. 2. Sent to Retailer: We are currently awaiting a response from the Retailer. 3. Resolved: This means your Cashback query has been closed. A query is closed when the Retailer accepts your Cashback query. In this case you will be able to see your updated Cashback under your “My Earnings” section. A query is also closed if the retailer refuses your Cashback query and decides that the sale does not qualify for Cashback, we will inform you about this via email. Unfortunately, the retailer's decision is final and we will not be able to reverse it. Remember our incentives are always aligned with yours, so we do our best to get your Cashback approved.
How do I enquire about the status of my Missing Cashback query?
When you log in to ZoBucks, you will the see 'My Account' icon on the top right corner of the navigation bar, click on it. Then click on “Missing Cashback”. Here, you can see the status of all your existing Missing Cashback queries. For each ticket, you can click on “View” to see any comments from our Customer Support team. You can also use this to reach out to us.
How long does it take to resolve Cashback enquiries?
Cashback enquiries can take 30-45 days based on the retailer. We try our level best to resolve your missing Cashback query as soon as possible. Remember that our incentives are aligned with yours, and we only earn when you get Cashback.
What are the reasons for a cashback to not track or track incorrectly?
Sometimes Cashback is not paid on VAT and delivery amounts. Therefore, if you think your Cashback tracked at a wrong amount then this could be one of the reasons. In some cases, the retailer may decline your Cashback because: The purchase was returned, cancelled or the order was amended. The purchase was not completed online. You used another site during your transaction (e.g. a price comparison site). You did not comply with the Terms and Conditions listed on our website and/or the retailer's. You used a voucher code, coupon or gift code not authorized by ZoBucks. You disabled cookies on your device and tracking could not be completed. Generally, sticking to the terms and conditions provided on our retailer page and ensuring you follow the recommended process will minimize the risk of anything going wrong.
What happens if my Missing Cashback query is denied?
The retailer holds the sole discretion of determining the validity of your Missing Cashback query. While our team will do their best to resolve your Cashback query, in some cases your Cashback may be declined. Please help us get your transaction approved from the retailer by providing all relevant proofs of purchase. Unfortunately, once a retailer has made a decision it is final and binding.

Payment of Cashback

What is your payment policy? Are there any restrictions or charges?
Our payment policy in detail: Only Confirmed Cashback can be paid. Pending Cashback cannot be paid till its status has been updated as ‘Confirmed’ by the retailers. When you have earned a minimum of $10 as Confirmed Cashback, we can pay the money to your Singapore Bank Account or your PayPal account. Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account within 4-5 business days for payments via MEPS.
How do I request payment of my Cashback?
When you have earned a minimum of $10 as Confirmed Cashback, we can pay the money to your Singapore Bank Account or your PayPal account. To request payment, login to your ZoBucks account. Under ‘My Account’ on top right corner of the navigation bar, click on ‘My Earnings’. Here you can fill in details of the Bank Account/ PayPal account you want us to pay the Cashback to. Please note that only Cashback with ‘Confirmed’ status can be paid. Until we receive payment from retailers, Cashback remains in ‘Pending Status’ and cannot be paid to you.
How long does it take to receive Cashback via MEPS?
MEPS Payments are processed twice a week. Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account within 4-5 business days from the date of your request.
I live outside Singapore. How do I get my Cashback paid?
You can provide us your PayPal ID and we shall pay your Cashback into that.
How do I change my Payment settings?
When you login to your ZoBucks Account, you can see the “My Account” option on top right corner of the navigation bar. Click on “Settings”. There, please select “Payment Settings”. Here you can enter & amend your Bank Account details or PayPal details. Note that you will need to enter your ZoBucks password to confirm these changes.
Does cash sitting in my account expire?
Absolutely not! This is your money and we want to pay it to you. So even if you have gaps in your usage, the Cashback in your account does not expire. Once you have a minimum of $10 as 'Confirmed' Cashback, we can pay the money to your Bank Account/PayPal account. You need a minimum of $10s as 'Confirmed' Cashback for each payment request.

Account Settings

How do I change my password?
To change your password, login to your Pouring Pounds account. On the top right naigation bar you can see a link for My Account. Click on Settings, then select change password. You can change your password on that page and press 'Save Changes'.To change your password, login to your ZoBucks Account. On the top right corner of the navigation bar you will see the “My Account” icon, click on it. Next click on “Settings”, then select “Change Password”. You can now change your password and click 'Save Changes'.
I've forgotten my password, what should I do?
Click on the Sign-in button. On the login pop-up you will see a link labelled “Forgot Password?” Just click on this and follow the instructions and we will send you an email telling you how to reset your password. Please ensure that you click on the link in the most recent email in order to reset your password.
Why do I receive emails showing my tracked transactions?
We like to keep our members updated at all times and this email is a confirmation that the retailer has tracked your purchase. You can always login to ZoBucks, click “My Account” select “Personal Details” and can change your email settings if you wish to.

Refer and Earn

What are referral earnings?
When you refer someone to ZoBucks and they shop, you get 10% of their Cashback every time they shop (forever!). So, say you referred Chan to us. Chan uses ZoBucks to shop online and earns $40 as Cashback. Since you referred Chan, you will earn $4 Cashback! The best part, you will earn this for life. Every time Chan earns Cashback, you will too! You can track all your referral earnings by clicking on My Earning under My Account option.
How do I invite/refer friends?
Referring friends is really simple. You just have to share your unique referral link with friends through Email, Facebook or Twitter. Please visit the Refer and Earn page for more details.
Where do I see my Referral earnings?
Click on 'My Account' on top right corner of the navigation bar. Then select 'My Earnings'. At the bottom, you will be able to see your referral earnings.
Why do I only see a Referral ID under my referral earnings?
This is to maintain the privacy of our members. You can see your 10% earnings from your referral but cannot see which of your referrals the earnings is coming from
Where can I find my Referral link?
After you have signed into your ZoBucks Account, click on the “My Account” icon and then click on the “My Account” icon and then click on “Refer and Earn”. You will see your referral link on this page. It will look like this:
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